Monday, December 6

Sewing Theme party ideas/inspiration

I know we all know someone that loves to sew! I know I wish I was better (and more practiced!) Here are a few ways to Frost a sewing themed party....

How adorable would this be for the invite?!? Sew perfect! (heehee... had to say it once ;o)  Source

Use wooden spools as holders for a few beautiful stems of flowers... Source

Use balls of twine yarn to hold silverware or just a name card. Source

Use pin cushions as decorations or favors - you can find them in tons of shapes and patterns and even someone that doesn't sew can use them for push pins or safety pins, etc. Source
Super cute cupcakes! Not that crafty? Use mini wooden spools to top them instead - you never eat the toppers anyway ;o)  Source



  1. Have you seen the button COOKIES from bake it pretty? Would go soo well with this! Such a cute idea!!

  2. I wish I could sew! I found a cute button candy mold and purchased it, just because I know one day I'm going to throw someone a 'Cute As A Button' shower! I'm bookmarking this for sure!

  3. The cupcakes are awesome!!! Buttons are so easy to make out of fondant too! Great ideas!

  4. These ideas are "sew" cute:)

  5. Oh what a terrific post, I love all these ideas and must remember next time I have a crafty get together. I was really surprised when I saw my pincushions pictured. lol Thanks so much for visiting over my way. :-)

  6. Thanks for the ideas. I was thinking about having a sewing party for my daughther's 7th birthday.


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