Tuesday, December 7

Holiday time! Santa Claus Christmas Ideas/inspiration

We just talked to my stepson and he is soooo excited to be coming next week! He is 8 and still believes in Santa - should make Christmas extra fun!

Here are a few ways to add Santa into your party!

Great invite or party favor (or to just give on gifts) - Santa hot cocoa holder! You could leave off the handle and just use it for a gift card too! Source

I think we might actually do this for our party! Santa and reindeer elements for a photo op station! I LOVE IT! Source

Santa hat cake pops rock... Source and tutorial

One of my favorite Santa cupcakes! it just makes me giggle! Source



  1. so cute! Love the photo props..and the upside down Santa...adorable!

  2. I do love the cupcake and the pops! The props are such a cute idea!

  3. is there a template for the hot chocolate holder?? goddessdunbar@hotmail.com


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