Saturday, January 8

Did ya know?!?...

It snowed like crazy last night/ this morning, so Shopping Saturday will be postponed until tomorrow! So in the meantime, we have almost 1900 people in our Frosted Family!!! WOOHOO! I figured with all our new family members, I'd do a refresher on some items....

Did you know... you can advertise on Party Frosting! for prices any small crafter can afford? Reach almost 1900 followers and counting!

Did you know... You can request custom inspiration Frosting Kit to help in planning your next party?

Did you know... Following Party Frosting! on Facebook gives you an "extra dab" of frosting on theme posts? Don't miss out! ... you can also follow Party Frosting! on Twitter now too! 

Did you know... Party Frosting! tries to give you a sneak peak into many parties, instead of just featuring one whole party...but you can just click the "source" links on each pic to see more of each party!

I hope to make Party Frosting! even more helpful this year!  
Let me know if you have any suggestions! 
xoxo for all your support