Thursday, January 6

Natural/Rustic party inspiration

You know me and needing a little rustic/nature vibe to my parties! Here are a few ideas that will hopefully inspire you! ...I am gonna go veg on the couch - wicked zumba workout ;o)

Take an old frame, dry brush a little paint to make it look rustic, use rustic planters, twigs and burlap to really tie in the theme. Source - my autumn brunch ;o)

Remember paper chains as a kid?!? Well they are back in a BIG way! Make them rustic chic with craft paper - either print and image and cut them into strips or use stamps! Source

This doesn't have to be just a nature inspired look - just look for a box, put a piece of styrofoam inside, top it with something, add a little embellishment and va-la! Instant fabulousness! Source

I love the use of chair cane to create natural looking cones! I also adore that they used different patterns too! Source

Simple packaging can make a huge impact! Wax paper envelopes with a simple ribbon and flower on the front.  Source