Wednesday, January 12

Rainbow party ideas/inspiration

brrrrr PEOPLE! I think it snowed just about everywhere yesterday! We got to test out the new snowblower - and let's just say I am sure my neighbor's have video of me on youtube ;o)  I was COVERED in snow! Let's just say snow blower + swirling winds = covered in snow ;o)  No sign of a rainbow any time soon... but I want to do a rainbow post anyway! so there!

don't forget about older (but still fresh!) Frosting for rainbow parties (in the pantry here)

We have all seen tissue paper poms... but have you seen them done this way?!? GENIUS! I love the the ribbons with photos hanging from them too! super cute! Source

Use yarn to create adorable detail to favors, risers for your dessert table, around napkins, table legs... you get the idea! Source: Book Spectrum Scraps, More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, page 122 (found via tinywhitedaises)

Doesn't this make your mouth water?!? Super clever mamma made fantastic french toast topped with a "rainbow" of fruits! Stinking clever! Source (found via bedifferentactnormal blog)

Polka dots are predicted to be hot this year! Why not incorporate them with this theme?! Also, dip (anything really) pretzels into multi-colored chocolate and finish with some luster dust to give them extra character! (p.s. use GEL coloring in white chocolate melts, not reg food coloring, you'll ruin it!) Source

look close... NOT macaroons... cupcakes!!! I LOVE IT! You can even make these just from a box mix (woot!) just mix, separate, add food coloring and then bake.  Source and tutorial



  1. Thank you for sharing, I love the colors! PS... you have inspired my baby shower brunch from one of your previous posts!! I am so excited, I will send you pictures! :)

  2. In love with everything in this post! Gorgeous eye candy:)

  3. I want those pretzels! I'm such a sucker for chocolate covered pretzels

  4. GASP...glitter chocolate covered pretzels STOP IT! Those are fab!! Love those pom pom in the first pic to : )

    It snowed here so much that we had a snow day!!


  5. Those tiny cupcakes are too cute! You're giving me some lovely options for 2011 bdays Kim!

  6. Every single thing in here is just downright awesome! LOVE the ideas!!

  7. OOOoohhhH how I love the yarns!

  8. Maybe I would have more success with these "macarons"! Ha Ha!

  9. love those gifts wrapped w/ yarn! thanks for the inspiration, as always. :)

  10. I am feeling the luv!!! Thanks ladies!!! Hope you all are staying warm! We are preparing for more snow - ew!

    Kim @ Party Frosting!


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