Monday, January 10

Random baby shower ideas...

Those that know me know that I can't stand not having things in specific categories! I mean, if you have a striped shirt, which color does it get hung with? ;o)  so here are a few random baby shower ideas that will hopefully inspire you to add a little FROSTING to your next one!

How clever is this?!? Foam numbers (you could use any numbers) for the due date and a mint "pacifier" as the period - so cute! Source  (pacifier is just 2 lifesaver mints "glued" together with melted white chocolate and a jelly bean or tic tac for end!)

Here is another take... SOOO stinking cute with the ribbons! These use cookies as the fronts... tie them to another ribbon and create garland! Source

With Easter coming up... save some plastic eggs... insert baby socks, add ribbon - instant fantastic-ness! Source

Who needs a diaper cake when you can have a diaper caterpillar?!? So unique! Source

What a great cake idea! Marshmallows!!! But think too... round boxes, decorate the same way - how you have a display stand! Don't be afraid to cover your display stands with fun items! Source  (Round boxes - buy here - link)

Baby shower party add on...

Add a fun activity to your baby shower and have everyone decorate a bib! It will keep everyone entertain and have something fun for the mom to take home! Buy here - link