Friday, January 14

Snowmen ideas!...

The holidays are over but the snow sure isn't! So I reserve the right to keep posting cute snowmen ideas ;o)  I think a snow party would be just what I need right now! That and a bottle of wine ;o)

Don't forget about older (but still fresh!) Frosting for snowmen (here)...

This is by FAR one of THE best crafts I have seen (though I am partial to snowmen ;o) ...look closely - PUMPKINS!!! Next year, save your pumpkins, spray paint and ta-da! LOVE HIM! Source and tutorial

Since we already threw out our pumpkins this year (grrr...) why not make a few paper ones? I love their little hats! Source and tutorial

Favorite kind of edible one! Super adorable donut holes on top of glass jars - just have to promise to finish drinking before you eat his head! Source (inspired by some that Amy Atlas inspired by Celebrations at Home) 



  1. Those snowmen bottles are so cute! You can use baby bottles if you wanted to be cheap (ie me lol). I exactly thought they were till I read the side bit!

    Caren @ My thoughts exactly crafts

  2. Snowmen are my favorite! And all three of these are really cute. Would love to do the donuts and milk with kids.


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