Friday, January 14

Snowmen ideas!...

The holidays are over but the snow sure isn't! So I reserve the right to keep posting cute snowmen ideas ;o)  I think a snow party would be just what I need right now! That and a bottle of wine ;o)

Don't forget about older (but still fresh!) Frosting for snowmen (here)...

This is by FAR one of THE best crafts I have seen (though I am partial to snowmen ;o) ...look closely - PUMPKINS!!! Next year, save your pumpkins, spray paint and ta-da! LOVE HIM! Source and tutorial

Since we already threw out our pumpkins this year (grrr...) why not make a few paper ones? I love their little hats! Source and tutorial

Favorite kind of edible one! Super adorable donut holes on top of glass jars - just have to promise to finish drinking before you eat his head! Source (inspired by some that Amy Atlas inspired by Celebrations at Home)