Monday, January 31

Superbowl/Football Party Ideas/Inspiration

Truth be known, D and I are only really hockey fans (and I love basketball, too)... but I love a reason to have people over, so I will most likely have a little get together! If your friends are like mine, they just want food and beer - they don't care about the fancy table (gasp!) but if you want to get fancy anyway... here's some ideas!

(don't forget about last year's football "frosting", old but still fresh! - here)

This set up cracks me up! I love the crazy banner! Some fun things to take away - little brown bags for treats are a fun idea to do over and over again! & did you notice the yard line cupcakes? Source

Something my friends would get into... "Hail Mary" bar! Do you see the little Tabasco bottles on the labels!? so cute! Source

Sandwiches in the shape of footballs - simply put cream cheese or mayo in a piping bag and add a little stitching! Source: Family Fun Magazine

A simple touch even the boys won't mind ;o)  Yard line coasters! Adorable and practical, now that's my kind of party item! Source and tutorial

Have you seen these yet? Super easy & cute idea to make your strawberries into footballs! Source



  1. LOVE that banner too!!!!
    And those strawberries??? come on!

    Thanks for sharing my coasters :)

  2. What fun! I don't really get that into football, but the hubby does so maybe I should be taking notes cuz you have some cute inspiration here : )


  3. It is really a good article,commendable writing skill are used.

  4. Those football strawberries are magitastical.

  5. I like the sandwiches in the shape of footballs.


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