Tuesday, February 8

Alittle more Valentine's day inspiration! Hearts!

I almost have my man's Valentine goodies planned... can't tell you cause he reads my blog sometimes ;o)  are you guys ready for VDay?

Have you seen this simple idea yet? Just take a craft punch (or freehand cut) hearts and replace a tea tag with one! Take a white marker and add a little saying too! Try to think of other ways to use them throughout the house as a sweet surprise! (or treasure hunt for the kids!) Source

Taking goodies to the neighbors or a special someone? Try this packaging idea! Tissue paper hearts, 2 sheets of wax paper - place towel over and iron! You can use this with any shape for any time of year! Source and tutorial

Felt (I think) is going to be so big this year! Why not get a jump on the trend with this curly heart banner with bakers twine?!? Darling! Source and tutorial

Gummy hearts and a pretzel rod into a cupids arrow?!? Genius! Source and tutorial

Break out the box cake mix, canned frosting and some oreos people! It's time to look fancy! ;o)  Use starburst candy, gummy candy, cookie, etc with a mini heart cookie cutter for the top heart.  I just am SO in love with what the extra frosting and heart on the cookie make it look SO much better! Source



  1. Yeah I covered the heart and extra frosting and then uncovered it and I was happy again.

    LOVE the felt, too!

  2. Those pretzel/gummy heart arrows are too cute! wish I hadn't bought my classroom yet already!

    RM, Home Confetti

  3. The gummy hearts arrow is adorable

  4. Aw, thanks for featuring my ♥ garland!

  5. Your pretzel cupid's arrow is too darn cute! I love it!

    :-) Lisa

  6. Glad to inspire! And there's always next year if we didn't fit it all in this year! ;o)

    hugs! Party Frosting!

  7. I absolutely LOVE the tissue paper idea! What a versatile wrapping idea for any occasion.. thanks so much for sharing the idea.


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