Monday, February 28

Contest & Dr. Seuss Party Ideas & Inspiration

Contest Announcement: Did you know I am guest judging over at Maddycakes Muse?!? (love her!) She's hosting an Easter or Spring party contest - You can submit any Easter or Spring theme inspired party (flowers, bees, bugs, birds, butterflies, frogs, ladybugs, chicks, tea parties, get it right??) for a chance at 3 prizes totally over $400!!! Head over there now!

...on to parties! Dr. Seuss's bday is March 2 so here is some inspiration you can use to party with or even just add a little frosting to your family's meal!

How stinkin' clever is this sign?!? I'm loving it! Can't draw? find an image on the internet and print! Source

Green eggs and ham is such a fun theme - the kids always love to eat green eggs! A great tip from this pic is to use books on a cookbook stand as decoration! Source

Use pics from the book as toppers for your food! I am so craving deviled eggs now! Take one book and rip out the pages, put in $1 frames and place around, too! Source

 Use pre-made sugar cookie dough - push into shapes of these eggs, bake, then add royal icing and a green peanut M&M or rolled fondant for these "green egg" cookies! Source

Make these fun Seuss hat cupcakes! use red frosting and marshmallows to create! Source found via gordon gossip blog



  1. Ha ha! Great minds think a ike! I just posted a green eggs and "bacon" idea today!
    Wish I had an excuse for a Dr. Seuss party!

  2. These are fun...I need to get cracking and figure out what I'm going to make for my son's classroom Dr. Seuss party. Especially since I just found out it is a day earlier than I thought! ;)

  3. lol!! you really can't pull off a dr seuss party without those green eggs and ham! I was just thinking of how this was going to be done when i firs saw your post and then i scrolled down, and there it is! they are exactly how i'd picture them!

  4. very cute ideas, we are having a dr. seuss playgroup tomorrow.

  5. These are such fun ideas for Dr. Seuss parties. Thanks for compiling them. I'm adding a link, that shows 3 Seuss posts you've done, to my children’s book blog in my Dr. Seuss Link Collection.


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