Tuesday, March 1

What's new!

Whew! What a roller coaster ride the past few weeks have been! Figured I would take a second to breath and let you know what's new!

If you haven't heard, Pam from Party Starters and I are working on finishing our first issue of an online magazine (WOOT!)  ...plus, look for more goodness from us teaming up *wink*
    • There are a few spots left to sponsor! If you are a little tiny shop or a big one (doesn't matter if you aren't party related!) - with $10 & $5 options, why not spend a few bucks to get thousands of people to notice ya?!? email me at kim.partyfrosting@gmail.com if you are interested! 
  •  You asked for it! New stuff coming...
    • I am gonna join the league of so many talented bloggers and offer you a Tutorial Tuesday! Every Tues I'll try to put a tutorial (or maybe a guest blogger one ;o) to help inspire you for your next event! 
    • I am working on finishing a new link section for information that will help you more than just the daily posts
Thanks again for all your support! It's going to be an EXCITING year!!! ...oh and I have one more surprise about what else I have been working on... not ready to say yet, but getting close!!!