Thursday, February 17

Ladies Poker Night Ideas/Inspiration

A little known secret... we love to play board games and sometimes even poker - I always forget the rules and always need a cheat sheet lol!

Here are a few ways to add a little "frosting" to your next ladies poker night!

Go crazy with pattern on this theme! Draw inspiration from a deck of cards (either side of the card!) String cards as a banner - cheap and easy! Source

Hot glue cards together for a fun way to display little treats! Source

Don't forget to add a little sass! Serve up fun drinks in a matching color for all the girls! Source

A fun addition to your wine glasses would be a poker chip - I know it's scary, but you can use a drill bit and a drill on low speed and it's super easy to make these yourself! You can do it! Source

Every party needs cupcakes! Buy pre-made fondant from the craft store and form into a square - use edible markers to add the dots - and ta-da! Source



  1. I love all of these ideas! I'm so glad you know those food writers exist, they're AMAZAZING!

  2. Great ideas! We are always having poker night but I never really thought of taking the oppurtunity to do something fun like this!

  3. ooooh this makes me want a girls poker club! :)

  4. These are great for my cousin's wedding 2013!


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