Wednesday, February 16

Carnival/Circus Party Ideas/Inspiration!

Valentine's Day is over! ... and we get a break before St. Patty's Day (whew!)... so on to more parties!

A carnival/circus themed party is always such a great idea for gender and/or age neutral or even when you need to double up on the bday celebrations!

These invites would be perfect! ...use mini clothespins to attach a ticket to a homemade invite! Source

This theme allows you such freedom with COLOR! I love the pendants and all the bold colors! What you can draw from this is make some things symmetrical, and some things at different heights - this gives the viewer an EYE FULL! Source

This theme can also help on the food budget! Love this setup of hot dogs & chips! Source

You have to have carnival games! And don't worry about being too fancy with the games, just make them fun! Source

You can't miss out on an opportunity for a fun photo booth! Source