Wednesday, February 16

Carnival/Circus Party Ideas/Inspiration!

Valentine's Day is over! ... and we get a break before St. Patty's Day (whew!)... so on to more parties!

A carnival/circus themed party is always such a great idea for gender and/or age neutral or even when you need to double up on the bday celebrations!

These invites would be perfect! ...use mini clothespins to attach a ticket to a homemade invite! Source

This theme allows you such freedom with COLOR! I love the pendants and all the bold colors! What you can draw from this is make some things symmetrical, and some things at different heights - this gives the viewer an EYE FULL! Source

This theme can also help on the food budget! Love this setup of hot dogs & chips! Source

You have to have carnival games! And don't worry about being too fancy with the games, just make them fun! Source

You can't miss out on an opportunity for a fun photo booth! Source



  1. Great carnival party ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. LoL! I am sooo into mini clothespins right now, by the way so I'm diggin' that invite. The photobooth really is a must.

  3. Looks like a fun party, especially in the SUMMER!

  4. Hey Kim, I just discovered your blog and love it! Great ideas and info!

  5. Really like your lil boy also really like this Circus Party... Love the photo booth...
    Circus Party Supplies

  6. Thanks so much for featuring the pics from my daughters circus birthday party! The hotdog and ring toss pics! Thanks, thanks!


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