Friday, February 11

Valentine's Day - still planning?!?

ugh! I have to get on making D's card and gift! Cutting it close, too?! here are a few last min ideas...

Need last minute tags? Print out these adorable freebies! Source

What about making a homemade gift? Jam/jelly or butter? Or just got to your local farm market and buy some and repackage...shhhh.... Source found via bedifferentactnormal blog

Why not make a fun banner with the kids? Cute out hearts and use buttons and twine to decorate! Source

Ok, you have to say these make you smile! Make some fun "love bots" this weekend! Source and tutorial

If you have EXTRA time this weekend, THESE would be totally impressive - NOT strawberries... CAKE pops!!! Source and tutorial found via ediblecrafts blog



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  2. Those strawberries look delicious!

  3. Wow - the things people can do with cake! Those strawberry cake pops are super cool.

  4. I so agree - people are so creative! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing my strawberry cake bites! Feel free to check out all of my other fun V-day treats and recipes so far, here:


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