Tuesday, February 15


First, THANK YOU all for such luv and support! You guys are the best! Thank you all for the suggestions! I will be implementing a lot of them over the next few weeks!

...also, I can't tell you much.... but there is a secret project I have been working on with one of my favorite people... can't wait to tell you guys!!! Hold on a little while longer!

Anyway - on to the winner! (chosen using random.org)
HiLLjO said...
Woo hoo! Kim! You have 2,000 followers and you're as sweet and personable as you are?! I'm proud to be one of your readers! I want more food and food display info! I loved your heart cinnamon roll find and all the stands you put up on Saturday Shopping. 2,000 hugs!

... If you guys still have suggestions on categories of stuff that you would love me to add to the blog, please leave me a comment!