Thursday, March 3

Farm/Barn party inspiration/ideas

Farm/Barn parties are so much fun! You can either hold it on an actual farm or turn your house into one! Don't forget about older (but still fresh!) frosting for farm/barn parties!

What a fantastic setup! A bail of hay and lots of mums really set the stage for a great farm party! Source

I love the idea - for any party! - is to decorate the front of your tablecloth! Even if you just print out shapes, trace onto fabric and use no sew - you can do it! Source

How genius?!? A tri-fold board cut and decorated! Wonder what other shapes you could do for other parties?!? Princess crown? Cupcake?! Source

I love "lunch box" style - so easy for a large group! Simple farm boxes with a piece of cloth & a tie.  Even better are the placecards! I love the burlap and aged paper! Source lost :o(

The cutest hay stacks EVER! Rice krispy treats dipped in white chocolate and brown chocolate "cow spots" - stinkin' clever! Source



  1. Love those Rice Krispie treats spotted like a cow~~~TOO CUTE!!!

  2. é realmente o que eu estava procurando...belas dicas...beijos..

  3. AH! Cow print Krispie Treats!!! So cute!

  4. How will I EVER choose a theme for Ms Sydney when you have all these fantastic ideas? LOVE that tri folded barn!

  5. I am SO incredibly flattered that you included my "Barn" in you list of inspiration. I am dying over those cow-spotted rice krispie treats! If only I had seen them a month ago! ;0)

  6. So many cute ideas! Some people are so clever. Thanks for finding them for all of us!

  7. Do you have any ideas for handmade tri-fold barn invitation?? Thanks!

  8. Thanks for all the feedback and luv ladies!!!

    @ ThingsILikeToDo... can you send me an email to contact you?

    Kim @ Party Frosting!

  9. Hi. Love the cow spot rice krispie treats! Can you tell me how you did the choco spots?

    1. Hi Kathy! The party is from someone else (click the "source" link in the description). I am sure she just piped them with melted dark chocolate. Just get some candy melts from the craft store - anything will work for piping... from a plastic bag with the tip cut slightly to a plastic bbq style ketchup squeeze bottle to a real piping bag... best of luck!

      hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!


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