Wednesday, March 2

Party/Event appetizer ideas...

I have food on the brain! ...ok, I ALWAYS have food on the brain! lol... here are some more ideas for appetizers...

I HEART fun ways to serve ordinary food! Use a round cookie cutter, stuff it with pork friend rice and top with a shrimp! - your take-out leftovers never looked so fantastic people! Source

Cut a baguette on an angle, scoop out a little, fill with dip, add a few strips of veggies - YUM! Source

Roll out mac & cheese, add ground beef, roll up and cut into "sushi" pieces - kids will think you are so clever! Source and tutorial

Remember those spoons I got on sale at Pier 1? Serve each one with a dumpling and a little sauce! Source



  1. I'm so bookmarking this post! Fab ideas, love them all! Those are all so easy, but add just a little touch that make them look super chic!!!


  2. ALL of these look SOOOO good! I just kept saying, oh this one, oh THIS ONE!!!

    Mac n' cheese sushi... lol.

  3. Love a great dumpling and those spoons are perfect!

  4. I love fun party foods like this!!! Thanks for the great ideas!


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