Wednesday, March 9

Food packaging ideas/inspiration

If you follow me, then you know I love to show you ideas to make simple foods look like a million bucks with just a little touch of "frosting"...

You don't have to package chocolate cake for me, I'll take it in any form! ...but it sure does look beautiful here! Using a round cookie cutter, create little round pieces, wrap with kraft paper and tie with string... the chocolate covered cherry and powered sugar don't hurt either ;o) Source

Speaking of kraft paper and twine... so simple yet gosh this is beauty in my eyes! Though I love simplicity, you could add some "extra frosting" by using a potato stamp or print a saying on the paper first... Source

Take paper bags, punch the fold with a paper punch (like Martha Stewart line), attach simple tag and ta-da! instant cuteness! Source

Ribbon makes everything prettier, don't you think?!? Red gingham ribbon on muffins - SO easy! so adorable! Source



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  2. MMmm food post... I love the kraft paper food packagings. The stamp/print idea is awesome!

  3. Anything creative made with kraft paper is sure to grab me! These ideas would be wonderful for an eco-friendly wedding event!

  4. Love the kraft paper and twine. So pretty and rustic! Thanks for sharing, as always Kim!

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