Tuesday, March 8

Tutorial Tuesdays! - Saving goodies...

Blog surfing leads to TONS of great ideas, right?!? And if you are like me, you want to save these for later so that you can remember.  I thought the first of the new series "Tutorial Tuesdays" could be showing you how I store all the tasty finds I collect along the way... obviously there is a lot more this program can do, but here's a start!

There are tons of way to approach the same thing... but Google Picasa is free and easy to use - and that's what I fell into... obviously this is just a quick tutorial - click here for a Picasa internet tutorial

 Step1:  Download here free program (it saves pics, you can edit them, make movies & collages too!)

Step 2: Open the program after installing - it will automatically look at your whole computer for pictures you already have! (family, vacations, etc) (full web tutorial here)

Step 3:  While Picasa is still open... Go to Party Frosting and find a picture you want to save - put your cursor over the picture and right click your mouse - you'll get this tool menu above.  Click "Save Image As..."

Step 4:  Your file folder box will pop up and you can save the picture in whatever folder you would like - or in my case, where I can actually find it later lol...

Step 5: As soon as you save the picture and Picasa realizes it (a second or two) you'll see the box slide across the bottom right of your screen - if you click it before it goes away, it will take you to Picasa right where your pic is (if you miss it, you have to go to Picasa and find your image in the folders - again, more info on Picasa here)

Step 6:  This is when I feel it gets helpful.... under the "caption" line I like to paste the URL I found the image, this makes for quick reference later

Step 7:  I LOVE using the "tags".  These are labels that you can search on later.  I write theme names like "sewing", "crafting", "pink", etc...and "tutorial", "recipe", etc for a reminder that those are on the link as well.

I hope this helps a little! Next week I'll start showing tutorials on creating things that you can use at your next event!