Monday, March 7

Sewing Party Ideas/Inspiration

I have been getting back into sewing and I have to say I forgot how exciting fabric is! Anyone else have their heart race, even a little, walking into a fabric store?! say I am not alone!

Sewing themes are a great way to highlight someone's interest, but why not have a sewing theme as a girl's craft night?!  (and don't forget the older, yet still fresh!, frosting posted for sewing themes here)

Use traditional sewing forms as part of your displays - they are not only functional, but their sculptural nature bring great interest and texture! Source

Use a rustic box full of yarn to display names or even fun sewing sayings or terms.  Source

These buffet cards are so genius! Using buttons, spools and twine! Source

A great favor would be to make fabric card holders, maybe include a fabric or measuring guide! Source

Clever button cookies with toppers "I'm SEW Lucky you're my friend" - love it! Source



  1. Love all of this. I am a huge fan of yarn, buttons and fabric at parties that I swooned seeing the title of your post in my reader. Great finds Kim! Especially that crate of yarn.

  2. Super cute stuff! Love the 'theme' :) Hope all is well with you. Please send me your other blog site again.. can't find it :(

  3. This is exactly the inspiration I needed for my new Sewing Circle! Thanks!

  4. OMG cookies are adorable!!Lori


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