Tuesday, March 22

Tips & Tricks Tuesday! Fondant Flowers - you CAN do it!

I hope once the magazine is launched, I can get these done in during daylight hours and get better photos! lol.... I promise I won't do ALL food tutorial heehee...

I hope this tutorial helps inspire those that are scared of fondant! Fondant flowers that you can use to top sugar cubes, add to cake pops or any dessert!

Fondant - store bought is OK!
Icing - again.. cheat!
Icing tip/coupler
Cookie cutters (flower set here)
Any rolling pin (mine is this one)
Sheet of wax paper
Luster dust (cause I am an addict!)
Clean paint brush (for luster dust)
Flower drying tray

Roll out your fondant on a sheet of wax paper and cut out flower shapes....

I think I am addicted to luster dust...I think makes such a difference!

"Paint" on the dust with a clean, unused paint brush (optional)

Insert your tip inside the coupler & attach to the icing tube (or inside your pastry bag with fresh icing you show off! heehee).

Pipe a heavy dot and push down & then pull up quickly to achieve the centers...

Lay on flower tray if you want them to have a little "lift" in the leaves (or just leave them flat!)

I'll try to take a new pic in the morning...

but ta-da! SUPER simple - you CAN do it!!!

shhhhh.... secrets....

- To get your flowers out of small cutters, push lightly with the back of your paintbrush!

- Fondant too hard to roll out? put in the microwave 10-20 seconds (10 sec at a time) to help it be a bit more pliable...

- Cut a toilet paper or paper towel roll in half to use instead of the flower tray

- "glue" on flowers using royal icing (sometimes icing gel works too, but royal icing is much stronger)