Friday, April 15

Baby Bird shower ideas/inspiration

Haven't done a bird themed post in a while! You KNOW how I love birds! Check here for older (but still fresh!) Frosting for a Baby Bird theme.

This is THE exact shower I want when I am expecting! Birds AND rustic!? swoon... So many great details - look at that mossy nest for serving!!! Source (ugh! embarrassed, who knows who's this is?!)

You have to have a bird in a cage! Add elements of moss to give extra texture and color! Source

Add birds hanging from a garland of baby's breath above doorways, buffets or if you are really ambitious - across the room! Source

Love these place cards! Use them as buffet cards, as well - just print a bird image out paper, find someone with good handwriting (note - it's not me! lol), then fold.  Tie twine on each end of a small piece of twig and glue to front of the card.  Source

 For desserts... stamp a bird image on cloth or paper, glue around toothpicks and you have instant Frosting! Source