Tuesday, April 26

Camping party theme ideas/inspiration

There have been a lot of camping posts around lately! Every summer my fiance' and his son camp out back - I love it! Maybe we'll do a camping theme night with some of these ideas... p.s. here is some older (but still fresh!) Frosting for a camping theme (here)

Super adorable setup! I love the hanging lanterns, the "tent", and all the other fun details - like smores on sticks and woodland desserts! Source

You have to click on this one to really appreciate all the details! The backpack, paper bags, campfire pops.. filled with great inspiration! Source

Use tin cans, wood slices and pine cones to set the mood! I love the wood looking placecards too!

Super cute (and inexpensive!) way to do a favor would be to wrap up some treats in a bandanna and tie is up like a runaway stick! heehee... you could also stash a little s'mores kit in each! Source



  1. LOVE these parties!! Camping party is the theme of my entire childhood and I just love seeing this as a trend!

  2. Makes me want to hit the trails ASAP (if only I were the camping type). I'm more of the Hyatt type, much to my families dismay but, I do love a good smore!


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