Monday, April 25

Rubber ducky baby shower ideas/inspiration

Hope everyone had a great holiday! ...Ran into a pregnant friend today and OMG she looked so adorable!She's due in just a few weeks so I am in the mood to do a baby shower post!

Ideas to Frost your rubber ducky themed baby shower! Check out the older (but still fresh!) frosting ideas for rubber ducky parties here

I heart this simple setup! Cake is fantastic! And the colors are just perfect! Notice the little duck on the glass "bubble"? so cute! Source

Add some super fun ducky punch! Might have to tell the guests it's ok to drink! lol  Source and recipe

How adorable are these tennis ball duckies?!? Source and tutorial
The perfect favor... duck foot prints! You could even use edible markers to write the baby's name or birth date on them! Source



  1. Love the cake and punch, just so stinkin' cute!

  2. AH! Ducky punch is awesome

    Hey... did you hear about that guy from your town that tried to knock over a 7-11?

  3. How flippin cute is that tennis ball duck?!
    And those feet?? Adorable!

  4. Awww, how can you not love a rubber ducky-themed party?! And it doesn't hurt that toy ducky "props" are so affordable, while being adorable.

  5. I absolutely love the duck punch. If I ever host another shower, I'll have to try this idea!

  6. The rubber ducky punch is absolutely the cutest thing!

  7. Who needs to host a baby shower to make that great ducky punch. You're never to old to have a rubber ducky party. Any excuse to party!! Woo Hoo!!

  8. I like the rubby ducky punch, at first I though it was a blue pie with light blue frosting on top. That looks like it would do great at a baby shower. I'm supposed to a friends shower next week. Its strange to think about mostly because we are only in our early 20's.

  9. The ball duckies is the cutest one.Thanks for these ideas.


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