Saturday, April 2

Shopping Saturday!

Working on the final stuff for the magazine! Just a few days away!!! So not too much shopping for me!

...but here's a few finds along the way at local shops (but national chains) that hopefully will help stash away for your next event!

You know packaging is my thing! Single portion pie dishes! I am picturing tied with twine & a card for a great favor!

Found: Christmas Tree Shops
Section: Kitchenware
Price: $1.00!

These molds are great for cake... but don't stop there! Use them as chocolate, butter or crayon molds for Butterfly, Garden & Princess themed parties!

Found: Christmas Tree Shop
Section: Kitchenware
Price: ? oops...

These multi-size tins could be used a hundred ways! Snag them up now!

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Easter
Price: $1.00

Cute marshmallow cupcake favors for a Birthday or Cupcake party.

Found: Wal-Mart
Section: Easter
Price: $2.00

ok... not a party decoration... but OMG! I just bought a scraper blade for my Kitchenaid mixer - I am SO in love! anyone that has one knows you have to hand scrape the sides all the time! I had to share (I get excited about the little things lol)

Found: (here)
Price: $18.22