Thursday, May 26

Butterfly party ideas/inspiration

This time of year, I love all the traditional themes of spring! Here are some ideas/inspiration for a butterfly theme! Don't forget about this (here) older - but still fresh! Frosting for a butterfly theme.

This setup is so darling - I love how the paper butterflies are used around the table and as if they are flying up from the table! Source

Create a butterfly mobile - you can even hang one on each side of the party table to frame.  Source and tutorial found via designdazzle blog

Wrapped candy boxes with a butterfly detail served up in fake grass - Adorable! Source

Butterfly details can adorn any favor... coordinating paper wrapped around playdough containers and a few gems added to the body of the butterfly make these a perfect take-home! Source

Add butterfly candies (see some here or here) or cut out of fondant and add to desserts...



  1. Love this theme and the ideas, really liked the Smarties you mentioned on FB last night too!

  2. You know I love the butterflies!


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