Wednesday, May 25

Fruit drinks - ideas and inspiration!

Wow - sinusitis is KILLING me this week! ugh - with a little nose spray (ew!) I am starting to feel a little better!

Here are a few ideas to inspire you to add some fruit in a new way to your party spreads!

Fruit puree ice cubes - genius!!! Fantastic way to not water down your drinks, add color and flavor! YUM! Source and recipe

Frozen melon margarita pops! Just make sure to keep these "hidden yummies" away from the kids - adults only! Source and recipe

Simple way to incorporate fruit into your drinks - grapes on kabobs! Because of grapes high water content, they are easily frozen and make great "ice" too! Source

Dig out some strawberries and transform them into margarita jello shots! hello?!? yum!!! Source and recipe found via edible crafts blog



  1. Thank you!! The ice cube idea is perfect...I'm planning a citrus themed party for this weekend.

  2. OMG I love these! The only one I've ever heard of are the ice cubes. I WANT them margarita pops!!!!

    I really think those grapes are elegant!


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