Sunday, May 22

Shopping Saturday...errrr ummm posted Sunday ;o)

WHEW! What a weekend! My bff of over 20 years (gosh I am getting old!) is on a cross-country drive and stopped off here yesterday and we all hung out in D.C.  - weather was BEAUTIFUL! and it was great to see him and his partner.  So... that's why I am late in posting ;o)

So here are my finds at local stores (but national chains) that might help you stash away for your next event!

Have you seen these zebra marshmallows yet?! 1 less step to impress your guests at your Safari or Zoo themed party!

Found: Wal-Mart
Section: Baking
Price: $2.48

Tabletop Tiki torches - great decor for any outdoor party, not just a Luau!

Found: Wal-Mart
Section: Seasonal
Price: $4.97

Plushes always make great decorations and favors - Here are Nemo, Hello Kitty & Charlie Brown

Found: 5 and Below
Section: Toys
Price: $5?

Games are always a must to keep the kids busy! Pirate bingo with talking controller would be adorable! (sorry Staci, I'm a few days late ;o)

Found: 5 and Below
Section: Games
Price: $5

Candy tins for your vintage party! Atari stick, PacMan, Ghostbusters and 70's peace van!

Found: 5 and Below
Section: Candy
Price: $2.49

Top secret camo candy bottles! Kids at your Army or Spy themed party will love these in their favor bags!

Found: Big Lots
Section: Candy
Price: $2

Hello Kitty bags - Cut them up - each will make 2 placemats, or wrap around a dowel, put outside and use as a flag or string together for a banner!

Found: Target
Section: $1 bins
Price: $1