Monday, May 23

Miscellaneous Monday!

Here is my Monday dump of ideas with no particular rhyme or reason ;o)

You won't believe this... a balloon over a glass makes an instant vase! Such an inexpensive way to help decorate your next event! Add some rhinestones or ribbon for a little extra touch! Source and tutorial

A great pinwheel decorations to add tons of color and pattern! Source and tutorial found via gordon gossip blog

Inexpensive way to do tons of lighting - wax candles made using balloons! Source and tutorial

Need inexpensive ways to display candy, macaroons, cookies, etc? Dollar store trick! Source and tutorial



  1. OMG! I love these! Im so trying the balloon vase and those candles! Awesome!

  2. Totally agree, those candles are so going on my to try list!! Like I need another thing to get into lol

  3. OMG I freakin' love the balloon things! A VASE COVER? Genius!
    A DIY wax candle? OMG SO AMAZAZING!


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