Thursday, June 30

Appetizers: Cherry Tomatoes

My tomatoes feel like they are taking FOREVER to grow this year!!! We do have a few cherry tomatoes finally ripening up... so I figured I'd let they yummy-ness inspire tonight's post!

Heaven to me - tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil - talk about a flavor explosion! Count me in! Source

Serving antipasta can turn into looking like slop on a plate... great solution - kabob it up! total genius... and everything is better on a kabob anyway! Source

ok, a little kabob obsessed, I know - but how hard is it to do salad and food in the same buffet trip?! Grab a kabob or two of salad and you can still hold a heaping pile of everything else! ;o) Source

Another great way to serve cherry tomatoes... stuff the babies! Great secret for stuffing items like cherry tomatoes, strawberries, etc... put them in an egg carton slot to help hold the suckers still until you can get them stuffed! Source