Monday, June 13

Party/Event appetizer ideas...

I am so obsessed with Pinterest right now! Everyone is KILLING me with fantastic appetizer ideas!!! My favorite party food is just tons of appetizers - let everyone pick and peck and not keep track of calories ;o)  p.s. don't forget about older (but still fresh!) ideas for appetizers here

I heart this idea!!! No need to wreck out a full spring roll! Make little bite sized wonton cups - LOVE! Source

I am a huge edamame fan - I love this pic because it shows how simple beautiful can be! Just a white container stuffed with the beans is just fantastic! Source  (appetizer dish - link)

Have you ever seen such a well dressed potato skin!? Super clever and mouthwatering! Source
(appetizer flat toothpick - link)

Super simple idea - stuffed cherry tomatoes! Tip - put filling into a pipping bag (or cut tip of a plastic baggie) to make for easing filling! Source and recipe