Wednesday, June 15

Space Themed party ideas/inspiration

My 9 year-old (future) stepson is here! WOOT! He is WAY into space and a friend is coming over next week with his telescope and meteorites to surprise him - he is going to FREAK!

Here are some ideas to Frost your next Space themed party... don't forget about these (here) older (but still fresh!) Frosting for a space-themed party.

I love this idea! Constellation favor bags! You can even attach a tag that tells about each! Source

Use dollar store paper lanterns to help create a ceiling of planets! Source

Super great idea - attach "astronaut patches" to cork or covered board inside an old picture frame - use as part of the decorations! Source

great treat to top it all off?!.... Candy space shuttles! So clever! Source and tutorial



  1. How cute!!! Love those rockets!

  2. I loved this planets!! :) Good idea!

  3. Love the planets. Wish I had thought of that for the space themed birthday my friend and I just had for our sons. I must say thank you because we did get some ideas for the party from your wonderful blog. If you would like to see, go to

    Thanks for all the ideas Kim and keep them coming!

  4. Great ideas...especially those constellation favor bags (kids will love figuring those out) and the lantern "planets"!


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