Tuesday, July 12

Asian ideas/inspiration

Finally home from the hairdressers! I have to drive an hour (yes, I won't give up my hairdresser!) and then a few hours in the chair and an hour home... but she always takes good care of me! Plus we got to talk a little about my wedding day hair WOOT!

I had lunch with some great friends at an Asian restaurant today - so it made me think about having an Asian inspired party! (don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for an Asian theme here)

A fantastic activity would be having everyone decorate their own fan! Source

Frost your take-out boxes with dragon heads on top of chopsticks! What a great way to incorporate more color into your party, as well! Source

Create chopstick covers to coordinate with your theme... Source

I have seen sushi desserts done a lot of ways - these are right up there on the fav list! Source



  1. Thanks for linking up my party Kim! I've just been finding some great ideas for an upcoming rocket themed party, while scouring your blog! You make it all so easy - thanks!

  2. This is such a great theme for a party and I love the little sushi desserts!!


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