Thursday, July 14

Monster party ideas and inspiration

Today is one of those days I have had high aspirations to complete all kinds of things... and didn't heehee... We got our new coffee table and I am not happy with it - working to exchange so total bummer!  but the evening is still young and I still have 3 more days 'till my new job!

I leave you with some ideas to Frost your next Monster themed party.  Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for Monster parties here.

How stinkin' cute is that monster wall mural!?! I love when I see walls being decorated with temporary items for a party! You could even cover a wall with kraft paper and let the kids make monsters - don't use heavy markers (bleed through!) Source

Another idea for the kids to create their own monsters - juice cartons and felt! Make a monster station with all the fixings and let the kids go wild! Felt sticks to itself so they can keep decorating over and over with no glue! Source and tutorial

Decorate the kids cups with monster eyes! Source and tutorial

 If you have been shy to make cake balls... here's your chance to make them and be sloppy! These have to be the most fun cake balls I have ever seen! (you can buy the eyes at your local craft store in baking section or here) Source