Tuesday, July 26

Ladybug party ideas/inspiration

Ladybug themed parties are a great warm weather girl party! Or mix them in with a garden theme! Don't forget about these older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a ladybug theme here!

What a perfect garden setup! I love the use of tools and how fun are the ladybugs on the wall! Source

I love the idea of fake grass on your tables and these little ladybug lunch boxes are such a great idea! Source

Serve up split cherry tomatoes and an olive on a cracker for a super cute appetizer! Source and tutorial

The most creative chocolate colored pretzels I have ever seen! Source



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  2. Love this! I have a friend who adores lady bugs and these ideas are perfect for a surprise party for her. The garden tool touches are great. And those pretzels,too cute. Didn't even occur to me but how perfect.

    1. how do you color the chocolate to be red? i tried putting red food coloring in white coating stuff and it just hardened up on me.

    2. sorry i was the anonymous one......my email is charmedjed08@yahoo.com. I was asking how to color the chocolate red?

  3. Yeah I love those pretzels and crackers!

  4. You know I love me some ladybugs :)
    Those pretzels are too cute - I may have to try those!

  5. LOVE!!! I have a Minor fascination with lady bugs! I even have then tatted on my foot (3 of them for luck)! Love the pretzels! How can I drop a subtle hint that I want my other half or one of my daughters make them for me!?!


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