Saturday, July 16

Shopping Saturday!

Wedding planning, house projects and getting ready for a new job (Monday - WOOT!) has been taking up all my time! But I got in just a tiny bit of Shopping Saturday for you guys today! 

... here are my local finds, at national chains, that might help you stash away some Frosting for your next event!sorry I have been slacking a bit on shopping ;o)

Little duckling baby shower? These are adorable!

Found: ACMoore
Section: Garden
Price: $20.00

Everyone needs a popcorn maker! How fun is this!? Movie theme or not, this is great! (p.s. get a Big Lots rewards card - free - and get 20% off tomorrow!! woot!)

Found: Big Lots
Section: Center aisle
Price: $100

I used to do ceramics all the time as a kid! Have the kids paint these up at your Car or Ice cream themed parties!

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Crafts
Price: $1.00

For your Space themed party - hang these planets around the tables or even include one of each of the smaller ones on top of a cupcake if you aren't the decorator type ;o)

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Teacher
Price: $1.00

For a Skateboard party - these make very inexpensive favors - but just like the planets - put these on top of a cake or around on the table for decorations.

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Toys
Price: $1.00

...and in case you missed it (hello?! aren't you on my facebook?! heehee) Here are my STEALS!

Found: Pier 1
Section: Clearance
Price: .58 & 2.50!!!
Here's why I didn't get more party shopping in lol... here is MY shopping Saturday buys! New work bag, sunglasses, wedding wine box (read here), new tees, wine and WINE and more wine! and my FAV oatmeal! lol...