Wednesday, August 24

Book Club party ideas/inspiration

Hope all of you guys stay safe as the hurricane is threatening to come to the States! We had an earthquake here yesterday! OMG! We NEVER have anything in DE, serious. We are borrrinnnggg. So it really shook (pun intended heehee) us up!

I love book club parties or just a book themed party! D and I read a lot and we are even taking a small bedroom downstairs and turning it into a library! WOOT! Also, here is some older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a book theme (here).

I love this idea! Blown up pages of a book on the wall! If you don't have access to a photocopier... why not make a collage of pages on a piece of cardboard! Source

Rolled up pages pinned to form a wreath would be a great themed welcome for your guests.  Source

Fanned pages placed under dinner plates can add that little touch of whimsy to your dinner! Use a photocopied page and a button to make a fantastic wrap around napkins. Source

Use pages to to trim out cake plates, line trays or a little strip around a cup, etc.  Source

A great dessert item are these little "books".  Source and tutorial