Sunday, August 21

Shopping Saturday - kinda continued!

...of course today the skies opened up and what a fury did it bring! It was like a monsoon here! I thought out trees were going to snap in half! So let's just say, I love to shop, but sometimes you got to know when to stay home! Looks like it was working against me to shop this weekend grrr....

Here are a few things I did find this week that may help you stash away from your next event from local (but national chain) stores.

I try not to post from some of the discount stores because it's kind of hit or miss across the country, but this carriage would be great to score for a Princess party or Baby shower.

Found: Ross
Section: Decorative
Price: $14.99

I bought this ;o)  Pancake warmer dish for Brunch...  I always have them on a plate with tinfoil, hopefully this will work better! (and looks better ;o)

Found: Target
Section: Kitchen
Price: $10.94 (clearance!)

I love looking at scrapbooking supplies to see what's new! These Bingo pieces are perfect for a Game night! Glue them to square toothpicks for toppers or cheese pics, put a glue dot on the back and adhere to glasses, get creative!

Found: Hobby Lobby
Section: Scrapbooking
Price: $9.99

Pre-finished wood pieces have some great items... These Space and Robot pieces can be glued on to bags for favors, add magnets or create scene on covered cardboard as your display!

Found: Hobby Lobby
Section: Wood
Price: $.67

...oh and my *#&$&  toaster oven died at the end of cooking dinner today grrr.... we love having one - great for cooking small items if you are just having a few friends over and don't want to put the whole oven on... our old one was kinda a cheapie... so my shopping Saturday was to buy a new good one :o(

Found: (here)
Section: Kitchen
Price: $140 (yeah, we splurged!)