Saturday, August 6

Shopping Saturday!

Hope your week was less crazy than mine! I am STILL trying to find balance of life and a new long commute/new job. whew! I am sure it will start getting easier and I can get back to internet party fun!

Here are a few local finds (at national chains) that may help you stash away for your next event!

You know I love a barn party! I think it's such a great theme for all ages and gender! Use as decorations or wait for a sale and have the kids each decorate one!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: by registers
Price: $4.99
Having a Parisian party? Run to grab these off of clearance!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Clearance
Price: $1.80!

Snag up these glitter stems for a Butterfly or Garden themed party! They can be anywhere from cupcake toppers to simple decorations...

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Christmas
Price: ? - under $1

Peacock wreaths! Every party needs a wreath! Don't just use them on the door, lay they flat and put serving bowl in middle or cake stand or candles - get creative!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Wedding
Price: $21.99

More unpainted! Haunted houses would be the perfect art activity at your Halloween party! Coffins could be used to serve treats as favors, too!

Found: ACMoore
Section: Halloween
Price: $3.99/$1.00

These sleighs would be great cupcake/dessert stands at your Winter/Christmas party! Or again, a great art project for the kids!

Found: AC Moore
Section: Christmas
Price: $1.49

Ok, I am obsessed with unpainted today! ...Paint this Train up to serve up treats - add some styrofoam and it it will be the perfect holder for cake pops!

Found: ACMoore
Section: Christmas
Price: $9.99



  1. I saw some feather wreaths at Joann's too, perfect for a fall party. Those peacock ones are fabulous!

  2. So much Christmas stuff out already!

  3. Just found your cute blog and wanted to say hi! I saw those feather wreaths too and wanted to snatch one up!

    I ♥ Nap Time

  4. We noticed a few feather wreaths from Joann's as well, ideal for the drop celebration. Individuals peacock types tend to be fantastic!

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