Monday, August 8

Miscellaneous Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I am recovering from an extra long crazy work day! Bagels for dinner baby! No time for food prep tonight lol... are a few Miscellaneous items from my stash to start off your Monday

I saw this and thought - how fun for your guests to put out a frame (or even on a table) shoes, clothes, art work, etc from throughout the years of the birthday boy/girl.  Makes for a great conversation piece! Source

Super genius tip - food coloring and powder sugar mix and a clean stamp can transform any plate (even paper or plastic!) Think of the possibilities! Source and tutorial

Votive holder ideas to match any party decor! Source and tutorial

How fun is this?!? Have your guests write something funny, embarrassing or just not well known on a piece of "clothing" and air the dirty laundry of your guest of honor! Source