Tuesday, August 30

Tips & Tricks Tuesday! - Cake Pops!

Thanks for all your support during my cake pop challenges lol... I am so glad to know I am not alone! So today I figured I would share what I have learned through trial and error and some helpful followers along the way....

...So here goes...

1. Don't give up!
2. Be careful... not always a whole can of icing! this was my problem this time, yellow cake is more moist then chocolate - too much icing, they won't stay on the stick as well.
3. Dip the sticks in a little chocolate and stick in the pop and let set before dipping the whole pop
4. Freeze the mix for a few min before cutting with cutter to form
5. Freeze for a few min before putting sticks (with chocolate tips)
6. Freeze for a few min after dipping in chocolate
7. After dipping in chocolate, tap slightly to help chocolate fall, but not too aggressive or you'll break the seal of the stick to the pop! You can spin a bit and let it drip.
8. Add some canola oil to the melted chocolate (people have said shortening too)
9. Make sure you pre-plan the freezer! you need flat and you need room - no bumping!

p.s. a few people asked about the piping - I used the tiniest piping tip I had on the icing you can buy right in the plastic tubes and then just piped very tiny and very slowly and my hand was WAY shaking hard!!! 

...what tips do you have!? or horror stories ;o)

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