Wednesday, August 10

Under the sea party ideas/inspiration

Can't believe it's Wed already! Today was FINALLY a break in our humidity - woot!

Below are a few ideas/inspiration for a under the see party! Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, frosting for the same theme here.

I love the multiple colored streamer background and all the fun color touches! Source

How about these scuba egg guys! How stinking adorable?!? Source and tutorial

Add "snorkels" to the drinks by just using an upside down straw! So clever! Source

Are you not dying over these?!? Just use a cookie cutter and a skewer - love the presentation! Source

Octopus cake pops would be the perfect dessert! Use melted chocolate to pipe the base and let dry then use a little chocolate to adhere them to your dipped cake balls... candy eyes (here) and edible markers (here) to finish them off! Source



  1. Scuba egg guys stinkin adorable is right. Love them! The watermelon fish are great. So many possiblities. oooh, I need to get me a tiki shape for my annual tiki party.Watermelon tiki :) Those little octopus cake pops make me want to have a party based on them!

  2. Kim,
    Thanks so much for posting my "Scuba Sprites"! Made my day :)

  3. Thanks for including our Dye-ving Dudes! I really appreciate it!!!

  4. glad everyone loved the egg dudes!

    @ Alex & Erin of course! You guys are amazing!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  5. What would you suggest for the molding for the legs for the octopus pops?


  6. These are GREAT!

    Couple questions -
    1. Did you just use orange candy coating for the Octopus's? Or did you have to add food coloring to get it that bright?
    2. Could you give me more detailed instructions on how to do the legs?
    3. What are the eyes?


    1. Hi Kiki! The octopus are from the "source" listed... She definitely used orange candy coating, though you could use white and add gel food coloring to get the orange. The legs can be done by printing out a "splat" image on the printer, cover with wax paper and pipe melted chocolate and let sit. Once firm, use a little more melted chocolate as "glue" to adhere to bottom of the body. The eyes are just white royal icing. You can either pipe them yourself or buy them - most craft stores have them now or I shared a link above. Hope this helps!

      Kim @ Party Frosting!

  7. Scuba sodas are great- would love to do them - can you tell me if the graphic is available somewhere ? My grandson's first birthday is coming up - we're doing 'one-der the sea' and that would be perfect !! Thanks !

  8. Pretzel dipped in chocolate would make a good base.


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