Thursday, September 29

Appetizers: Fancy Fancy!

Hey everyone!!! Thanks for being so supportive while I work on our wedding!!! ONE MONTH TO GO!!! AGH!!! I scarf down some food before I go to the acupuncturist tonight, I leave you with some appetizers that look so darn fancy - definitely raise the eye candy value of any party buffet!

YUM! Look at this prosciutto wrapped asparagus! Count me in!!! though in fairness, I will each prosciutto wrapped anything heehee  Source

Stuffed grilled zucchini wraps! Can I get a heck yeah! Source

Look at these mashed potatoes! Now THAT is how you serve up something simple - pretty! Source

Sweet potatoes are a big trend right now and not just with brown sugar and marshmallows! Savory is in! Source 
(kabob sticks - link)