Saturday, October 1

Shopping Saturday! - from home ;o)

We live a MILE from a NASCAR race track and for those of you that follow... you know there is a race this weekend which means all the fans take over our town, the shops sell the parking spaces and we are forced to stay home ;o)

... so this week's Shopping Saturday is a web shopping one since we can't get out!

Awesome party-weight  plastic appetizer serving set - great for easy clean-up after your event!

Found: (here)
Section: Kitchen
Price: $11.95/96 pieces!

A little bit of an initial investment, but this would be so awesome to serve appetizer shots!

Found: (here)
Section: Kitchen
Price: $49.50

SERIOUSLY trying to justify this for me and D lol... Wouldn't life be better with a cotton candy machine?! Kids (and grownups!) would love to make their own!

Found: (here)
Section: Kitchen
Price: $39.99

We keep these in the house at all times! Set up with seltzer water for guests to make Italian sodas or set with coffee for guests to add a shot of flavor!

Found: (here )
Section: Food
Price: $36.81 (for 6)