Saturday, September 3

Shopping Saturday

Life is getting back to normal after the hurricane and a very long work week! Looking forward to 3 day weekend WOOT!!! I hope everyone has plans to overeat on BBQ somewhere this weekend!

Here are my local finds (from National chains) that may help you stash away for your next event!

 Having a Candy themed party? These throw back tins are perfect favors! p.s. I bought one to keep a medical kit in my office drawer - couldn't help it we used to have FireBall challenges - how many you could fit in your mouth! lol

Found: Target
Section: $1 bins
Price: $1

Saw all these popcorn flavorings and thought how fun it would be to setup a popcorn flavor station at your next Movie night/party theme.

Found: Target
Section: Food
Price: $2.99

Super cute Owl trays - serve up snacks at your Woodland/Owl themed party...

Found: TJMaxx
Section: Kitchen
Price: $2.99

These Guitar backpack clips could be used as favors or in decoration at your Music themed party.

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Office
Price: $1

I LOVE art activities at parties! Each of these canvas come with their own paint & brushes! Toy Story, Tinkerbell, Cars & Cinderella

Found: AC Moore
Section: Main aisle
Price: $4.99

When the holidays come around, I love seeing all the little containers that get released. These little buckets can be used as favors, serving containers, add styrofoam for cake pop holder, small bouquet of flowers, etc...

Found: AC Moore
Section: Holiday
Price: $1.99