Monday, December 12

Christmas/Holiday ideas/inspiration: Christmas Trees!

We bought the cutest 2 foot live tree for our table this weekend! Hope you all are surviving the holiday season for whatever your beliefs - the traffic and crazy shoppers affect us all!!!

Here are some tree ideas...

MY kind of tree! Wine corks glued together - count me in! I'll start finishing off bottles ;o)  (you can cheat and get corks at the craft store too) Source and tutorial

Use chocolate drizzled strawberries and a foam tree form to create a (mostly!) healthy tree centerpiece! Source and tutorial
Super cute dipped high-hat cupcakes that are transformed into christmas trees! Perfect for any events! Source and tutorial

Cake pops taken to the next level! Double-sided!!! Think of the possibilities people! (can you tell I am excited? heehee) YUM! Source and tutorial



  1. That cork tree IS so you!!! Like the cake pops too!

  2. What is the base of the wine cork tree?

    1. Sorry I missed your note! They are just another piece of cork! here's the tutorial:

      hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  3. What a great idea!!! I just happen to have a big bag of corks.....guess what I'm gonna make !!!.Thanks :)

  4. SIGH!
    Just this recent Christmas celebration, our village had the theme "Recycled Christmas Tree". I should have seen this blog before that contest so I can borrow the idea of the Christmas Tree made out of wine corks. We could have won the contest.

  5. One of my joy is to decorate Christmas tree's and prepared sweets during holiday seasons. It surprises me how beautiful the cork would be if it is creatively arrange into a very cute Christmas tree. I guest I have already an idea on what suppose to be my Christmas tree would look a like.

  6. This reminds me of how creative my mother is on any occasion of the year. She always make sure our Christmases are filled with love, love and lots of love but with sweet treats like these as well.

  7. This is a great art! Recycled art is truly unique. I will surely share this beautiful idea in my art class.

  8. Now I know that I should keep the corks in the kitchen. They are perfect for this Christmas art.I'm sure children would love this fun art.


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