Wednesday, December 14

Christmas/Winter: Special touches

We are getting ready to string cranberries and popcorn! WOOT! Going old school people!!!

Here are some ways to add a little Frosting to your Christmas/Winter event...

Decorate up your candles with some water, fresh herbs and cranberries! Source

Use the same items and freeze create beautiful ways to keep drinks and food cold! Think of the possibilities! Source and tutorial

You know how I love moss! Use a wreath form and cover then wrap with cranberries! LOVE this look! I bet it would look great with herbs as well! Source and tutorial

You can never go wrong with serving olives and cheese... but kick it up a notch by serving on a "wreath" of rosemary! Source

Edge any serving piece with herbs (or cranberries, or colored sugar etc) to add a festive touch! Source