Thursday, January 26

Candy party ideas/inspiration

If you don't mind the grumbles from the parents... a candy theme is always a great gender neutral party theme! You can pick a few colors to focus on or make it a rainbow of sugar! 

Some ideas to add a little Frosting to a Candy theme...

Is your sweet tooth drooling yet? Love the fun colors and the multi-height banners! Source 

Use over-sized lollipops to create a delicious centerpiece - add candy to a vase as filler and even string into garland! Source

Add fun candy details like these candy napkin rings - just glue candies onto a cut toilet tissue roll or wooden rings.  Source and tutorial

Make paper candy toppers for your cupcakes.  Source and tutorial

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  1. Love all these ideas...So fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Who doesn't LOVE candy! Let the kids live a little hee hee. Super sweet ideas.

  3. I like how all the ideas' color schemes work together!

  4. I love all of your ideas! Would you mind sharing where you found the over-sized lollipops.

  5. Are the oversized lollipops edible or are they made with some paste or gel?? Love it!!!

    1. They are polyfoam (not edible) here's the direct link, sorry for the generic link above!

      hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!


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