Friday, January 27

National Chocolate Cake Day! and Recipe!

I am serious people! and how did I not realize that until now?!? I would have taken the day off! Those that know me know I am not a big sweet eater but my one vice is chocolate cake! OMG I need a chocolate cake party STAT! ;o)

So in honor of what I will consider the most bestest holiday eva'! I will come out of secrecy and share with you the most amazing chocolate cake I have ever made! p.s. this combination is what I made for our wedding cake! I can't take credit for the recipes, but just for putting them together ;o)  p.s. sorry for the crappy pic from long time ago!

Chocolate Cake with coffee and vanilla filling

My go to chocolate cake: Recipe
(most moist EVA' - I use dutch cocoa even though they say not to - maverick, baby) 

Coffee filling: Recipe

(kinda like a thick pudding consistency)
White icing:  Recipe

(fluffy, way lighter and less sweet than buttercream)

p.s. make it with red food coloring in the icing for Valentine's Day!!!

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