Friday, January 27

National Chocolate Cake Day! and Recipe!

I am serious people! and how did I not realize that until now?!? I would have taken the day off! Those that know me know I am not a big sweet eater but my one vice is chocolate cake! OMG I need a chocolate cake party STAT! ;o)

So in honor of what I will consider the most bestest holiday eva'! I will come out of secrecy and share with you the most amazing chocolate cake I have ever made! p.s. this combination is what I made for our wedding cake! I can't take credit for the recipes, but just for putting them together ;o)  p.s. sorry for the crappy pic from long time ago!

Chocolate Cake with coffee and vanilla filling

My go to chocolate cake: Recipe
(most moist EVA' - I use dutch cocoa even though they say not to - maverick, baby) 

Coffee filling: Recipe

(kinda like a thick pudding consistency)
White icing:  Recipe

(fluffy, way lighter and less sweet than buttercream)

p.s. make it with red food coloring in the icing for Valentine's Day!!!

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  1. Looks yum, but wait a made your wedding cake!?!? Impressive possibly crazy? I always make my cakes for special occasions because they are so much fresher and yummier, but not for my wedding. I am stressing about my daughters cake for her first communion in may!

  2. O.M.G. That cake looks so amazing! Jim we both made our own wedding cakes! We're so hardcore! Barefoot Baking Brides!

  3. @ Melissa - yep! totally insane - seriously! We only had 13 people at our intimate wedding so it wasn't too intensive ;o) Though other life challenges made all the DIY stuff not the best idea in the end - but still married my best friend and had great cake lol hugs!

  4. Cakes are perfect for the celebration time whether its party or shower.This cake is yummy.


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