Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year! ...Year in review

Happy New Year!!! Whew what a year 2011 was! I think the theme for me was "struggle and let down"! lol but there were A LOT of great moments too! Here is a quick year in recap... I launched my first online magazine (here) - I had no idea what I was doing but I just jumped in with 2 feet! I am taking my lessons learned and plan to re-event this effort this year (stay tuned!... let me know if you want in early for sponsorship)...

I got married!!! WOOT! What a wild ride a DIY at home wedding is! Definitely took a lot of my attention this summer/fall.  (wedding blog here)

Though many things have distracted me from doing a lot with Party Frosting! this past year, you all have been so supportive and encouraging! The Frosted Family has grown to 3k subscribers! And 1.5 million page views! OMG!  I plan on trying to devote more time to growing/modifying the site this year... stay tuned!

...going to try to put a bit more attention to Facebook this year with more extras... Join here

Are you on Pinterest?! Omg, I have an addiction! I think I need to initiate a Pinterest time limit each day as part of my resolutions! You can follow my boards here

Last year, I went away from most advertising/sponsor spots because it was too hard to manage with the wedding planning... if you are interested in short/long term advertising options please contact me:

Let me know if you have any thoughts on how to make Party Frosting! better for you this year!



  1. Happy New Year my sweet friend! You are one busy lady - what a year and I have a feeling that 2012 may be just as busy for you (minus that wedding, of course!) Love your wedding photos btw! BEAUTIFUL!

  2. WOOT! Looks like you had a great year, lady!!! Rock it out; I know this year will be even BETTA'!


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